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7 Rayed Designs,     Larne Northern Ireland,     7rayeddesigns@gmail.com

7 Rayed Designs is the world of beautiful original artwork

from Caerys Walsh & Robert McConvey

Current projects

positively abstract

An abstract collection charged with optimism.


Colour and form mingle to create bright contemporary works to contrast some of the darker biases that are so prevalent in current events.


This artistic exploration strips the idea of art right back.


Simplicity is the key to these works. The idea is to create works to stimulate the minds of young and old alike. 


More coming soon!

The year of discovery

The Year of Discovery will be a retrospective of the finest artworks created by the 7 Rayed artists during 2017.


We're planning on making this an annual event so you can see how we change as the years go on.

New to our Etsy Store!