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7 Rayed Designs,     Larne Northern Ireland,     7rayeddesigns@gmail.com

7 Rayed Designs is a partnership of two Irish artists, Caerys Walsh and Robert McConvey. Our mission is to provide original, inspiring and thought provoking artworks. We believe that art is for everyone and want our paintings and designs to spread joy in homes, offices & galleries around the world from our little studio.

Over five years ago we were both working in dead end jobs and feeling stuck and stifled. We were both always creative though in our spare time. Caerys has painted for as long as she can remember and also designed clothes for friends. Robert's main creative outlet was music and played every chance he could with his band.

Realising we were unhappy with this life, we decided to do something about it. So we came up with a plan centered around using our talents to make a living but understood that we did not have the knowledge of how to run a business. So we left our day jobs and returned to college and then eventually university where we both successfully gained a degree in business and management. 

Upon completion of our degree we thought we were ready to start our business right away but as with anything there are always unforeseen circumstances which kept pushing us back and made us constantly evolve and grow stronger.

Through a lot of hard work, trial and error and learning from our mistakes we finally made our dream a reality. We focused on our love of painting and creating unique artworks and decided to make it our goal to spread joy and positivity around the world. 

The first sale we had was to the U.S. which was so amazing to think that something we created was going so far. We tried many different avenues to sell our paintings and have now sold our paintings all over the world. 

Now making our home here, we look forward to sharing our latest creations with you.

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